Atomic decentralized exchange for everyone

The most sustainable AMM with impermanent loss protection operated on Hedera Hashgraph

Product key benefits

Single trading

Users can trade any token to one another in the pool within a single trade

Single token liquidity providing

Only a single token is required to provide liquidity

Earn fees from multiple pairs

Earn trading fee every time your deposited
tokens are traded

Impermanent loss protection

Beside new pricing algorithm, protocol arbitrage mechanism and trading fees
will be used to protect users from impermanent loss

Deep liquidity

Lower slippage and remove liquidity fragmentation

How Orbit Works


A virtual token within a smart contract. used to determine the price of each token. Nukleus is pegged 1:1 to native chain currency

Liquidity Providing

When LPs are deposited or withdrawn, Orbital will mint or burn the corresponding amount of Nukleus


Nukleus will be used to determine the price of each trading token

Our Roadmap

  • Creation

    Explore pain point and solutions

    Idea validation


    Q2 2022

  • Development

    Product Development

    Increase Awareness

    Q3 2022

  • Testing

    Product Testing

    Testnet Live

    Platform Finalization

    Q4 2022

  • Launch

    Official Mainnet Launch

    Q1 2023

And Many More.